Bali to Komodo Liveaboard – September 29th – October 6th, 2018

Diving aboard the MV Mermaid II guests will experience Earth’s greatest collection of marine species from giant manta rays to pygmy seahorses. The diverse underwater landscapes here were created by the area’s volcanic activity and include drifts dives, wrecks, gorgeous reefs and muck diving. With over 3000 species of fish and 600 coral species you will discover why Indonesia is the biodiversity capital of the underwater world. This will be the dive safari of a lifetime with memories that will last. As we island hop from Bali to Komodo the possibilities are endless, encounter whale sharks, rays and other large pelagics, as well as gigantic schools of fish. View, in their natural environment, the magnificent Komodo dragons in Komodo National Park and explore a myriad of islands in the chain from mystical Bali to mythic Komodo.
Saturday- Check-in on board MV Mermaid between 14:00-16:00 hours in Benoa Harbour Bali. After the boat and safety briefing, we’ll set up equipment and you can settle into your cabin. Dinner will be served approx. 19:00 hours as we cruise into the sunset on an overnight journey to Moyo Island, northwest Sumbawa.

Sunday- Start your adventure with a great dive in the calm, clear waters of Angel Reef at Moyo Island. Massive elephant ear and barrel sponges, schools of long fin banner fish and red tooth triggers await you. Numbering in the hundreds, frog fish, nudibranchs, eels, surgeon fish, snapper, and dog tooth tuna will all be checking out what is for lunch! Visit the local village then its lunch for us! Next is a great dive at Panjang Reef – will you spot your first elusive pygmy seahorse? Then we cruise two hours to Satonda Island for a world class night dive after watching a million bats flying around at sunset. After a great dive and dinner we cruise overnight to Sangeang Island, off the north coast of Sumbawa.

Monday- We start with two dives at Sangeang Islands underwater hot springs. This magical environment supports very unique marine life like rare nudibranchs and pygmy seahorse. Cruise to Gili Banta for exhilarating dives at Tanduk Rusa for big fish and amazing corals or GPS Point, famous for its sharks and pelagics. Then we enter the Komodo National Park and night dive at Gili Darat South Passage – sleeping turtles, colorful reef stone fish, Spanish dancers, calm seas make this a great place to stay the night.

Tuesday- If the tide is right we search for grey reef sharks and dolphins at Taka Toko off of Gili Lawalaut. Dive two is a fast drift dive with pelagics and manta at Lighthouse Reef or the Old Passage. Next we hit Crystal Rock for awesome soft corals and the chance for sharks, turtles, giant Maori wrasse, a “fish soup” dive with a high chance of eagle rays too! Then we cruise south for fascinating night dive at Pink Beach near the entrance to the Komodo National Park.

Wednesday- Start your day with an exciting visit to Komodo National Park to walk with the dragons in their natural environment! Then relax as we cruise two hours south to Horseshoe Bay Rinja Island. Spectacular diving awaits at the world famous site Cannibal Rock – rare nudibranchs, frogfish, spectacular corals, sponges, ascidians, huge black coral bushes, turtles, cuttlefish, loads of reef fish too ! Watch dragons on the beach, monkey, deer, wild pigs along the shore, go beach combing…. Maybe even a chance to follow whales and dolphin feeding in the calm bay. We overnight at this peaceful place, night diving at one of the many fabulous spots there.

Thursday- The Three Sisters call us to Padar Island for sharks and nudibranchs, surgeon fish and devil rays. Manta Alley or Takat Makasar follows for the chance to experience a manta aggregation – WOW! Batu Bolung aka “Current City” is the home for large Napoleon Wrasse, turtles, blue fin trevally or maybe a dive at Tatawa Kecil – we check out the currents first to make sure the dive will be cool for everyone on board! Then we say goodbye to Komodo National Park with a fabulous Night dive at Gili Banta with Coral Cat Shark before we cruise west enjoying a post dinner night dive along the way. Overnight we cruise to Satonda Island.

Friday- We enjoy two fantastic dives at Satonda and Moyo Islands with more chances for rare ghost pipe fish, ribbon eels, turtle, cuttlefish and more before we cruise overnight to Benoa in the south of Bali.

Saturday- After breakfast we transfer ashore at 9 am to continue your vacation…or it’s time to head home to start planning your next Diver Dan’s Adventure Travel Trip!

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