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Welcome to the World of Advanced Diving!
We at Diver Dan’s look forward to helping you get trained as an Advanced Open Water SCUBA Diver. If you have any questions or would like to sign up stop by or call us. See you “Down Under” !

Training Fees

The total training fees are $325.00. The fees are broken down as follows:

$125.00 Registration Fee
$200.00 Instructor / Certification Fee

What You Will Need To Buy

For the first night, you will need the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Manual (Adventures In Diving), which includes an Advanced Student Slate. Before your ocean dives you will need your own personal snorkeling gear, which includes a Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Boots, Gloves, Dive Light and Chem-Light for Night Diving, and PADI Dive Table or eRDPML

Class Schedule

The Advanced Open Water SCUBA Course is a one-week class consisting of one class session, one pool session, and five ocean dives on the weekend of the class. The ocean dives consist of a Navigation dive, a Deep dive, a Night dive, Boat dive, and one other elective dive that can be customized to the student’s desires. The elective dive, selected by the class and your instructor, may include an AWARE Fish ID dive, Dry Suit dive, Enriched Air Dive,  Underwater Naturalist, Peak Performance Buoyancy dive, Search and Recovery dive, Underwater Digital Photography dive, or a Wreck dive.
Start DatesFormatTimesPool DateOcean DatesInstructor
January 15, 2019
Tue/Thu7-10pmJan 17 (Thu)Jan 19/20Rinde / Kraemer
January 28, 2019Mon/Wed7-10pmJan 30 (Wed)Feb 2/3Tabel / Kim
February 12, 2019Tue/Thu7-10pmFeb 14 (Thu)Feb 16/17Epperly / Halem
February 25, 2019Mon/Wed7-10pmFeb 27 (Wed)March 2/3Havlek / Zaugg
March 12, 2019Tue/Thu7-10pmMarch 14(Thu)March 16/17Anderson / Dollar
March 25, 2019Mon/Wed7-10pmMarch 27(Wed)March 30/31Cotter / Geer
April 9, 2019Tue/Thu7-10pmApril 11 (Thu)April 13/14Galender / Wilson
April 29, 2019-Course FullMon/Wed7-10pmMay 1 (Wed)May 4/5Romani / Chu
May 14, 2019Tue/Thu7-10pmMay 16 (Thu)May 18 / 19Richards / Duggal
June 3, 2019Mon/Wed7-10pmJune 5 (Wed)June 8/9Hoyt / Vega
June 18, 2019Tue/Thu7-10pmJune 20 (Thu)June 22/23Smolgovski / Mayer
July 8, 2019Mon/Wed7-10pmJuly 10 (Wed)July 13/14Tabel / Kim
July 23, 2019Tue/Thu7-10pmJuly 25 (Thu)July 27/28Rinde / Kraemer
August 5, 2019Mon/Wed7-10pmAug 7 (Wed)Aug 10 / 11Havlek / Zaugg
August 20, 2019-Course Full!Tue/Thu7-10pmAug 22(Thu)Aug 24 /25Epperly / Halem
September 9, 2019Mon/Wed7-10pmSept 11 (Wed)Sept 14/ 15Cotter / Geer
September 24, 2019Tue/Thu7-10pmSept 26 (Thu)Sept 28/ 29Anderson / Dollar
October 7, 2019Mon/Wed7-10pmOct 9 (Wed)Oct 12/13Romani / Chu
October 22, 2019 Sold Out!Tue/Thu7-10pmOct 24 (Thu)Oct 26 / 27Galender / Wilson
November 4, 2019Mon/Wed7-10pmNov 6 (Wed)Nov 9/10Hoyt / Vega
November 19, 2019Tue/Thu7-10pmNov 21 (Thu)Nov 23/ 24Richards / Duggal
December 9, 2019Mon/Wed7-10pmDec 11 (Wed)Dec 14/15Smolgovski / Mayer
If you wish to skip the traditional classroom training, one option you have is to do your classroom training Online (additional cost) Click on the image below to learn more about PADI’s eLearning!
Cost of Traditional Classroom Materials Versus Online e Leaning
Traditional: Advanced Manual  = $49.99
Online: PADI eLearning  = $178.00
It costs $128.01 LESS to do Traditional Classroom Learning

What You May Rent

You may rent the rest of your SCUBA at Diver Dan’s. This includes your Wetsuit, Hood, Regulator (with Dive Computer, Compass & Whistle), Weight Belt, Buoyancy Control Device (BCD), and Tanks.

Medical Concerns or Questions?

If you are currently under the care of a medical doctor, or have a pre-existing medical condition that requires permission from a physician, you will need to have a signed medical release form from your doctor before you can participate in any in-water activities.

Diver Dan’s puts safety first.  If any customer, while enrolled in a class of Diver Dan’s , is observed to be under the influence of alcohol,  marijuana, or drugs; he or she will be asked to leave the class immediately.  The customer will forfeit all fees paid.  There will be no refunds.

To obtain a medical release form and view some conditions that would require a doctors release, download the PADI Medical Release Form to review before coming to class.

Cancellation Policy

No store fees will be refunded once class has begun. Classes are transferable for up to one year from original start date.



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